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Latest Past Events

IEPs and Your Rights – Beyond the Nest

Please join us for a virtual “Beyond the Nest” caregiver workshop on November 18 at 6:00 PM. Guest speaker Matt Cohen, Founder of Matt Cohen & Associates, discusses Individualized Education Programs to help you decide if you want to pursue an IEP for your child. RSVP: https://bit.ly/3GVoHXW


When Your Child Needs Help: Special Ed and Other Services with Brad Dembs

This presentation will provide a basic overview of special education rights and how to access appropriate services from the school, including obtaining evaluations and special education and/or Section 504 eligibility, the IEP process, and what services are available from the school. It will also briefly outline the rights parents have if they disagree with what […]


Compensatory Education and COVID with Brad Dembs and Matt Cohen

Matt and Brad will discuss compensatory education, both generally and in relation to a possible right to compensatory ed based on loss of services during the pandemic. The impact of COVID on education has been monumental. Students with disabilities were especially affected by the loss of regular school and the implementation of remote learning due […]