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School Discipline

School Discipline and Other School Issues


School Discipline and Other School Related Representation

We represent families in a variety of school issues in addition to our special education and 504 advocacy.

The firm provides advice, consulting and representation on behalf of students charged with misconduct who are subject to extended suspension or expulsion, including participation in disciplinary hearings and board reviews. This includes assisting the family in gathering evidence, including from private clinical providers, interacting informally with the school in an effort to reach a solution and direct representation before hearing officers and school boards.

The firm also represents families in other areas of school law. These areas include residency disputes, grade retention and promotion disagreements, disputes regarding access to gifted education or accelerated placement, challenges relating to a school’s failure to accommodate a student with special health needs, representation in truancy proceedings and disputes involving English Language Learning services.

We have also assisted families in cases involving bullying or harassment, requests for school transfers and other disputes.