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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

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Special Education

We provide assistance to families all the way from the first point of contact with the special education system – the referral for evaluation for an IEP or a 504 plan all the way through to helping families insure their child has an appropriate transition plan and is getting all the services they are entitled to before graduating or aging out.

School Discipline

We represent families in a variety of school issues in addition to our special education and 504 advocacy. The firm provides advice, consulting and representation on behalf of students charged with misconduct who are subject to extended suspension or expulsion, including participation in disciplinary hearings and board reviews.

College Testing

Students with disabilities have the right to accommodations on all testing relating to college and university admission, promotion and licensing. This includes the ACT, the SAT, MCAT, USMLE and a variety of other tests that are necessary to enter or progress in the student’s education or career.

Mental Health and Human Services Providers

We provide expert consultation and representation to mental health and human services providers. These services include assistance with organizational policies and forms relating to ethics, confidentiality issues, informed consent, HIPAA compliance, client complaints, boundary issues, personnel questions and responding to subpoenas, court orders and police issues.

Adult Disability Services

We provide legal assistance to families with adult family members with disabilities that are experiencing problems securing funding and/or appropriate placement. We work with families to develop documentation of the need for specialized services, review state policies, and correspondence relating to disputes over funding and placement and identify the most likely avenues for securing a positive resolution.