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BIPs & FBAs by MCA Advocate, Christine Palmieri

by Christine Palmieri, MCA Advocate, January 17, 2024 

Rights & Opportunities for Kids that are 2E

by Elizabeth Hooper, MCA Advocate and Dr Layne Kalbfleisch, M.Ed., Ph.D., December 13, 2023 

IEP and 504 Basics

by Matt Cohen, September 29, 2023 

Going Back to School Strategies

by Elizabeth Hooper and Christine Palmieri, September 20, 2023 

Advocating for the Medically Fragile Child

by Brad Dembs, June 13, 2023  


by Brad Dembs & Elizabeth Hooper, 2/1/2023

Assistive Technology & Augmentative Communication

by Jill Senner & Elizabeth Hooper, 1/17/2023

Building Effective Home-School Communication Strategies

by Jill Calian and Elizabeth Hooper

RTI – Response to Intervention

by Matt Cohen1, 11/30/2022

“Post”-COVID Special
Education Considerations

by Matt Cohen and Anna Eisner Seder,

Intro to Special Education Evaluations

by William Hrabe, 6/22/2022
7:17 minutes

Intro to IEP Meetings

by William Hrabe, 6/22/2022
8:28 minutes

Intro to School Discipline

by William Hrabe, 6/22/2021
7:38 minutes

Remote Learning and Mental Health – NAMI Presentation 

by Matt Cohen, 1/5/2022

When Your Child Needs Help: Special Ed and Other Services 

by Brad Dembs, 11/9/2021

Compensatory Education and COVID

by Brad Dembs and Matt Cohen, 11/02/2021

Transportation, Aide Support and Overall Staff Shortages

by Matt Cohen, 10/26/2021

Masks and Returning to In-Person Schooling with Matt Cohen

by Matt Cohen, 10/19/2021

IEPs vs. 504 Plans vs. MTSS

by Matt Cohen, 8/24/2021

Transition Back to School

by Brad Dembs, 8/17/2021

Compensatory Education vs. Compensatory Services and COVID 19

by Matt Cohen, 8/10/2021

Parent Ask a Lawyer session about Return to Instruction

by Matt Cohen, 6/30/2021

Mental Health & COVID – Taking care of your children and yourself

by Matt Cohen, Verity Sandell, Joe Edward and Layton Kirk, 6/29/2021

Compensatory Services & Compensatory Education Loss Recovery – Rights of Kids and How to Advocate for Comp Ed is Now Available 

by Matt Cohen, 6/20/2021

Literacy and Language-Based Learning Disabilities: From Science to Advocacy

by Molly Aceves, Verity Sandell & Elizabeth Hooper, 6/15/2021

Advocacy Colloquium – What School Team Statements Concern You the Most at the IEP Table?

by Matt Cohen, 6/08/2021

Twice Exceptional

by Irene Gottlieb, Elizabeth Hooper and Matt Cohen, 6/01/2021

Extended School Year (ESY)

by Verity Sandell, 5/18/2021

All About School Grade Transitions

by Verity Sandell & Elizabeth Hooper, 4/20/2021

Parent Ask a Lawyer session 

by Matt Cohen, 4/14/2021

Parent Ask a Lawyer Session 

by Matt Cohen, 4/8/2021

Transitioning from Early Intervention to Early Childhood Services

by Verity Sandell and Elizabeth Hooper, 4/06/2021

Parent Ask a Lawyer Session

by Matt Cohen, 3/24/2021

IEP Key Items

by Brad Dembs, 3/02/2021

FAPE, Remote Learning and the Return to School – What to Do if it’s Not Working

by Matt Cohen, 02/23/2021

Compensatory Education – How to Position Yourself

by Matt Cohen & Brad Dembs, 11/24/2020

Advocacy Strategies for Parents

by Verity Sandell, 11/17/2020

Evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations Durign the Pandemic

by Brad Dembs & Matt Cohen, 10/27/2020

My Kids Are at Home Now What?

by Elizabeth Hooper, 10/20/2020

FAPE During the School Shut Down

by Matt Cohen, 9/17/2020

Adoption/Trauma Issues & Special Ed

by Nina Hennessy & Matt Cohen, 7/28/2020

Higher Education Overview

by Matt Cohen & Kim Milburn, 7/21/2020

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Special Education Q & A Session

by Brad Dembs, J.D., and Sharon Pike, 7/15/2020

IEP – Key Items

by Brad Dembs, 7/14/2020

Least Restrictive Environment

by Matt Cohen, July 7, 2020


by Brad Dembs, June 30, 2020

FAPE During the School Shut Down

by Matt Cohen, June 23, 2020

Advocate vs. Attorney

by Matt Cohen & Elizabeth Hooper, June 15, 2020

ESY – Extended school year

by Brad Dembs, June 9, 2020 

Talk to the Teacher: Practical Suggestions for Meeting your Child’s Special Education Needs at Home

by Elizabeth Hooper, 4/28/2020


Parents’ Rights During School Closings

by Matt Cohen, 04/14/2020 


Telehealth: The legal, ethical, and practical issues relating to teletherapy and strategies to mitigate risks

by Matt Cohen

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Advocacy for children and adolescents: regarding education during Covid 19 shut down

by Matt Cohen

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