There are a great many resources available for people dealing with special education and school related issues, for health care and human services providers seeking legal information, and for children and adults with substance dependency or mental, developmental and physical disabilities.

Most of these documents and resources are free. Some of the resources are documents our firm has produced, while others are links to outside websites that address various issues important to our community. We hope the information we have collected here addresses your needs, answers your questions, or connects you with helpful support groups and others.


The resource information provided is for informational purposes only and does not serve as an endorsement or recommendation by Matt Cohen & Associates, LLC.

A Guide to Special Education Advocacy:
​What Parents, Clinicians and Advocates Need to Know
by Matthew Cohen

7dcf9dca5ca92b05b40307b60298ec52Disability law can be complex and intimidating. This book gives you strategies for advocating for better provision of special education in schools. Despite the many services and accommodations that have been made for students with disabilities, many children with disabilities do not get the services they need and are not placed in appropriate programs or settings. Matt gives a practical vision of how a parent or a professional can advocate to achieve a more inclusive education for the child with a disability.

This book provide parents, people with disabilities, professionals and clinicians thinking about special education advocacy with an overview of current disability law and how it works, identifying practical ways for building positive and effective relationships with schools.

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