Our Presentations Keep Us
Connected And Up To Date

At Matt Cohen and Associates,  we prepare and deliver presentations on a regular basis. In this way, we try to improve the outlook for people with disabilities by educating pertinent organizations and the public at large.

​Our activities in this area keep us in close contact with experts in the field, from researchers, clinicians, and disability advocacy groups to legislators and government officials. These public activities, in turn, make us even more knowledgeable and effective when it comes time to advocate — or litigate — for individuals with disabilities, and their family members.

​If you are looking for further information or would like Matt to speak at your parent group, support group, organization, conference or convention or to do staff training, please complete our contact form, contact Tami Kuipers directly at tami.kuipers@gmail.com, or call at (866) 787-9270.


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Upcoming Presentations

Matt Cohen presenting at Lehigh University’s annual, week-long Special Education Law Symposium @ Lehigh University
Jun 25 @ 8:30 am – 3:45 pm

Matt will be presenting at Lehigh University’s annual, week-long Special Education Law Symposium on Monday, June 25 (8:30-11:30 am and again from 12:45-3:45 pm)

The morning session will include the parent perspective on a special education scenario.  Matt will be paired with a Pennsylvania School attorney to offer both points of view.

The afternoon session will have Matt presenting on a topic related to special education that is yet TBD.


Past Presentations

Special Education Topics

​General Overview of Special Education Law
Recent Developments in Special Education Law
Emerging Trends in Judicial Interpretation of IDEA
IDEA 2004 and its Implementing Regulations
IDEA 2004 and School Discipline
Eligibility, Evaluation & IEPs
Behavior Management Planning Under IDEA
How to Write an Effective IEP or Section 504 Plan
IDEA vs. Section 504: Key Safeguards and Differences
Advocating for the Rights of Children with AD/HD
Inclusion and Least Restrictive Environment under IDEA
Key Judicial Interpretations of LRE and Inclusion
Independent Educational Evaluations: How to Select and Use Them
Report Writing for Clinicians: Strategies to Promote Services
Recovery of Damages under IDEA and other Civil Rights Laws
Recovery of Attorneys Fees under IDEA
Strategies for Mediation under IDEA
How to Prepare for a Due Process Hearing
Private Placements and School District Funding
Section 504, the ADA and Private Schools

ADA and Disability Rights Law

​Basic Rights Under the ADA
Litigation Strategies Under the ADA
Key Court Interpretations of the ADA
Supreme Court Interpretation of Disability Under the ADA
Accessibility Under ADA and the IL Environmental Barriers Act
Public Accommodations and the ADA
Testing, Licensure, and Educational Accommodations Under the ADA
Disability Awareness Training

Health Care Risk Management

​Informed Consent
Conflict of Interest Issues
Crisis Management Procedures
Responding to Patients at Risk of Danger to Self or Others
Sexual and Financial Exploitation of Clients
Fee Splitting and Unethical Business Practices
Prohibition on Abandonment and Premature Termination
COBRA and Patient Dumping Issues
ADA and Disability Rights

Mental Health Confidentiality Laws

HIPAA: Legal and Ethical Issues
Duty to Warn and Protect
Abuse and Neglect Reporting
Record Retention Policies
Electronic Record Keeping and Data Transmission
Special Issues with School Records
HIV Confidentiality Issues
How to Respond to a Subpoena
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Records: Special Issues