As a parent of a school-age child with a disability, you might be unsure whether your child’s school is properly identifying his or her needs and offering the right programs
or services. At times, you may feel that your concerns are being ignored or that the school staff is not sharing important information with you. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) paperwork. You might wonder how to make sure your child’s needs are being met. Whom do you call for help — a friend? A clinician? An advocate or attorney? You may also worry about the cost of involving an attorney, and whether an attorney may make it seem that you are being too aggressive or confrontational.

​We recognize and understand these concerns. There are many factors to consider in deciding when to bring an advocate or attorney to an IEP meeting, or even when to get advice about your child’s situation.

Our practice offers a team of advocates and attorneys that are available to assist you depending on your child’s situation and the level of conflict. We are proud to have highly skilled advocates on staff, working directly with clients and supporting the attorneys in those situations where it is necessary for the attorneys to be involved. They are able to provide you with consultation, guidance, case management assistance, and direct advocacy assistance at IEP meetings when an attorney is not needed or when there are other reasons for deciding that the involvement of the advocate is preferable at that stage.

6ef930349e9ab3b8d10c71a779a5a58bAt the same time, because advocates work as a team under the supervision of the attorneys, we have the flexibility to provide active advocacy support that can effectively address and resolve many situations, while having legal backup when needed.

​We also use the advocates for consultation and file review with clients that are not seeking advocacy assistance, but only want an assessment of their child’s situation or IEP or clinical records. Similar limited consultation and flat fee consultation arrangements can also be provided with the firm’s attorneys.

​When hiring our firm, whether for more complicated or fee-based situations, you can be assured that Matt oversees each case and that you will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team.