Our Services

Matt Cohen & Associates maintains a general practice of law with an emphasis on special education and school related issues, the legal problems of health care and human services providers and the legal needs of children and adults with substance dependency or mental, developmental and physical disabilities. Our services are provided through advocacy, informed and thoughtful consultation, representation in litigation and legislative efforts. The staff is committed to clients through advocacy work and continued education of the general public and concerned families.

Individual Advocacy

Matt Cohen & Associates has represented thousands of families of children with disabilities at IEP meetings, in mediations and due process hearings and in court.  In addition to our special education advocacy, we have also represented families with children experiencing school discipline problems, e.g. suspensions and expulsion.  We have also assisted families with 504 disputes, over accommodations and safety issues, as well as residency and school transfer disputes.
We have also handled many cases involving denial of test accommodations for high school and college students.  As well, we have represented college and University students seeking accommodations from their schools or having disciplinary problems.

We also provide services to families experiencing problems with adult disability services and funding, including advocacy for appropriate placement.  We have also has success advocating for individuals and families experiencing problems with insurance reimbursement.

Our Human Services Clients

Matt Cohen & Associates clients have included general and psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, large and small social service agencies, mental health professional training schools and institutes, college and university counseling and disability services offices, private therapeutic schools, professional associations, police social work and victim/witness assistance programs, and a wide array of private clinical practices and individual clinicians. In addition to providing legal services to these agencies, Matt spent 5 years as the Executive Director of a large private mental health organization, developing a unique perspective on the legal, operational, business and ethical issues confronting service providers.